I have settled down…for now.

I can’t say I’m thrilled about it but moving to Sydney was a necessary evil for two reasons. Our friends (‘home friends’ no less) are living here and we hadn’t seen them for ages, but also my boyfriend needed to be in a city to find work.

Having grown up in London, I always thought I would hate being anywhere quieter because (probably a quote) it would be boring.

Whether I’ve grown old beyond my time or come to terms with the reality that cities aren’t all that great, I don’t know. I do know, though, that I miss the Sunny Coast! I miss swimming in the sea all the time and running along the water and seeing kangaroos and being in the sun every day.

That said, there are heaps of things I’m loving about Sydney too, and I definitely have a case of grass-is-always-greener-itus. I don’t think I ever really would have gotten used to leaving the gym at 8:30pm and being too late to go out for dinner. I am also enjoying the city vibe, constantly having something to do and the buzz I get from working around other people.

So, it has got me thinking: is it easier to freelance in the city?

I can’t speak for anyone else but, when I first started out, the words “freelance writer” would immediately conjure an image of a coconut-drinking, hammock-swinging, extremely tanned girl with a laptop.

The reality, however, is that most beaches don’t have plug sockets.

So, a beach is nice for a few hours, but it’s hardly a long-term arrangement. Also, if you read my last post…I hate writing in the sun.

I do like a change of scenery, though, so I try to work in a couple of different places every week – something that was difficult on the Sunny Coast because there wasn’t much public transport and all the cafes closed at 1.

The great thing about Sydney (and loads of other cities, I’m sure) is that there are loads of co-working spaces, cafes and other random places that are great for getting some work done.

Most of my clients are international, so I haven’t had the benefit of meeting them in person yet, but that would definitely be a factor if most of your clients were in one city.

At the risk of making this a very weak ending…I think it depends on how you work. I am (if you know me well, this might surprise you – it surprised me) definitely the kind of person who gets motivated by that city-life buzz and having a routine. So, for me, freelancing is easier in the city.

But it’s not as fun…

The best of both worlds?
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