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There is a place for analytics in copywriting

I have long been an advocate for the ring finger rule. If your ring finger is shorter than your first then you are generally better at numeracy skills. If your first finger is longer, verbal skills are your strength. I have absolutely no evidence to back this theory up, but it does raise the interesting idea that people are either

Seaside to 9-to-5: is it easier to freelance in a city?

I have settled down…for now. I can’t say I’m thrilled about it but moving to Sydney was a necessary evil for two reasons. Our friends (‘home friends’ no less) are living here and we hadn’t seen them for ages, but also my boyfriend needed to be in a city to find work. Having grown up in London, I always thought

Advice for travelling and writing

Freelancing has given me the unbelievable privilege of being able to work anywhere in the world I like. As grateful as I am for my situation, there have (of course) been a few learning curves. For anyone doing anything work-related while travelling, I hope that my learnings can help you out even a tiny bit! 1. Factor in time for