Don’t just take my word for it, here are some projects I have worked on recently.

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For everything else:


Hooray Health & Protection

Hooray is an insurance broker like no other. Our main goal here is to simplify the process and provide the best cover for affordable prices. As Head of Copy, I am responsible for planning, creating and optimising all copy and content including blog posts, web and sales copy and promotional materials.

Ad Copy: The Guardian Print Ad

Lead Magnet: Employee benefits survey sample pages

Product Pages: Group Life Insurance


Exactly what it says on the tin, matshop.com.au is based in Australia and stocks any type of floor mat you could need. I write web content to boost the SEO rankings of the website, as well as inform potential customers on the huge range of products.


An incredible start up that does so much more than selling their product – although they do that very well. Essentially is the go-to for all things essential oils, and when I say all things, I really mean it!

About Us Page

Product Page: Manuka Oil Profile


Botany Road Doctors

What do you get when you cross a people-focussed surgery with the newest medical technology? Some pretty great doctors.

Blog: Is Vegan Really Better?

Hooray Health & Protection

At Hooray, we are on a quest to share as much knowledge as we can, for free. These articles aim to inform, discuss and help where we can.

Blog Post: HR Heroes

Reports and White Papers

Journal of the British Blockchain Association

I ghostwrote an article for the JBBA introducing a unique new software using blockchain technology to issue shares in a paper and digital format simultaneously. The article is still under review but you can read the first draft here:

Interchangeable digital and paper shares using blockchain and Centralised Ledger Technology: A use case analysis

Global English Editing

I collaborate with a designer to create infographics on the topic of reading.

Which generation reads the most?


In my final year of university I conducted a study investigating the different factors leading to victim blaming in bullying scenarios and how these differed in online and offline settings. The study included an online survey involving multiple scenarios with subsequent questions and a personality evaluation. The results were analysed using ANOVA and qualitative findings were used to support the statistics.

Factors affecting victim blaming in cyber and traditional bullying: a mixed methods study

Blog Features

Note: these pieces have been formatted by the client.


I ghostwrite for twinraiser.com, a blog focussing on all things twins! These pieces use a casual but informative style that aims to educate new parents.

Safe co sleeping with babies: is it possible?

Cannibal Kitchen

I wrote one blog post for Cannibal Kitchen aimed at anyone looking for alternatives to traditional water softening systems.

6 Water Softener Alternatives


I ghostwrite for a website aiming to help new pet parents by providing tips and guidelines for their puppies. I mostly focus on dachshunds and provide a mix of informative articles and product reviews.

Best toys for dachshunds

How to potty train a dachshund