Writing on the road

My first week of writing on the road turned out to be pretty disastrous. Coming from the UK, I was completely and utterly naive in my judgement of the size of Australia. You look at a map and think somewhere looks close and it then turns out to be a very bumpy 5-hour drive away… … Continue reading Writing on the road

Freelancing in lockdown

When I arrived in Australia, I had some pretty wild ideas about freelancing. I’d work wherever I fancied, looking out at across the Great Barrier Reef, a pint of cold beer in my hand, without a care in the world. Unfortunately, these ideas quickly faded for the following reasons: Lockdown meant I couldn’t just pop … Continue reading Freelancing in lockdown

Psychology weaves its way into every industry, whether you like it or not

Psychology is like marmite. Personally, I love it; my boyfriend once got sent out of a classroom for referring to it as a ‘pseudo-science’. Throughout history, interest in the way our minds work has taken a back seat compared to our bodies, but it is more and more becoming recognised as equally deserving of our … Continue reading Psychology weaves its way into every industry, whether you like it or not

My journey through the freelance marketplace

For anyone who isn’t clear, a ‘freelance marketplace’ is sort of like an online job board, where clients post one-off or long-term jobs and freelancers send a proposal to each client individually. I first heard about the freelance marketplace midway through my post-uni supply chain job and immediately pictured myself in the infamous beach-writing scenario. … Continue reading My journey through the freelance marketplace

Why I’ve decided to write

After finishing university, which included a one year placement, I decided that I wanted to pursue a career in consumer insights. Everyone who knew me well was pretty shocked by this revelation, after beginning my degree with the intention of becoming a clinical psychologist. Nevertheless, working at Disney instilled in me a love of research … Continue reading Why I’ve decided to write

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